The love that dare not speak its name

This makes my heart leap: The holy grail of independent booksellers, Powell’s City of Books:

Portland 2015 kamera 016

It doesn’t look like much, but this bookstore covers a full city block. More than one million used and new books meticulously arranged, nine colour-coded rooms with 3500 different sections, a rare book room , coffee shop, author events and art exhibits.

Portland 2015 kamera 024

Portland 2015 kamera 027

Portland 2015 kamera 023

Portland 2015 kamera 032

Portland 2015 kamera 028

Overexited librarian performing unlicensed “hyllerydding”:

Portland 2015 kamera 031

Being a “book lover” has for some reason become synonymous with  being old-fashioned and resistant to change. There is a certain irony in this. Books are agents of change, no matter what format they are in. I love books because I love to learn, and a certain misanthropic personality trait is tempered by the love of experiencing the world filtered through other people’s minds – expressed in books. Also: there is no democracy without dissemination of knowledge. Embrace it in all forms and formats.



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